Music Production Speciality
COPA’s Production School boasts state of the art equipment including a technology room equipped with Apple Macs, Production Suites, a blog radio station and a recording studio for the exclusive use of its students.
Bridging Course

The entry course for Music Performance is a one-year bridging course.

Modules include:
  • Digital Audio
  • Studio Recording Techniques
  • Live Production
  • Studio Arrangement & Production
  • Music Theory
  • Music Culture
  • Music Business
  • Freelance World
  • Game Development Fundamentals 1 (optional extra)
  • Disk Jockey (optional extra)
  • Communication (if applicable)

NQF4 Further Education and Training Certificate: Music Industry: Sound Technology (SAQA ID: 67462)


January 2020 – December 2020   Upon successful completion of this course you will gain automatic access to the Diploma in Music.  
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Diploma in Music

This unique 360-credit qualification is delivered over a 3-year period

Modules include:
Year 1:
  • Recording Popular Music
  • Acoustics
  • Creative ICT & Sound Design
  • Music Theory
  • Game Development Fundamentals 2 (optional extra)
  • Create & Arrange Music
  • Music Industry Overview
  • Academic Writing Skills
  • Ethics and professionalism in the music industry in SA
Year 2:
  • Working with Digital Audio
  • Creative Sound Engineering
  • Live Recording Session
  • Entrepreneurial Practice
  • Business Ethics
  • Songwriting & Arrangement
  • Research Methods
  • Game Audio Design (optional extra)
Year 3:
  • Action Learning Plan
  • Creative Portfolio (Music Production / Game Audio Design)
  • Mastering
  • Specialised Project
  • Live Recording Session

Diploma in Music (SAQA ID: 96373)


February 2020 – December 2020    For up-to-date pricing info, see the Prospectus.