On the 5th of March Melanie’s first single was released at the Barnyard Theater in Pretoria. She is one of those names to definitely keep an eye out for in the music industry. 

Melanie received a scholarship from PACISA (Performing Arts Community in South Africa) to study music at COPA (Campus of the Performing Arts).

“VERDWAAL” , from the award-winning singer and songwriter Rudi Claase’s pen, is definitely a song that shares Melanie’s own love, and the disappointments with people in a nutshell she experienced.

“Verdwaal” is about the love you still want to try work, despite of all the hurt the person put you through. You actually lose yourself in that love, but still hope that person will come back. It’s a beautiful contemporary song, ”
– Melanie

When she performs this song it’s clear that the song is close to the singer’s heart and that she explains that sometimes you can love someone so much that you lose yourself in the process. “The song opens old wounds, but in a positive way, to heal again.”

“I hope people will experience the emotion with me as they watch the video,”

The music video was filmed at the Rockwood Theater in Centurion. Roelof Bouwer of PACISA, of course, joined hands during the filming and Melanie is a native of Ladysmith in KwaZulu-Natal and has been fond of music since her childhood. Another passion of hers is to play the scene.

After her participation in the PACISA competition, she is currently in the music industry for five months already! Talking about PACISA, it is the brainchild of Roelof Bouwer and Adri Mocke. PACISA’s prizes are designed to help winners grow in their industry and passion. This competition annually selects a contestant who helps them financially to take part in the national rounds.

Melanie’s inspiration comes from the one and only Freddie Mercury and she would love to work with Rudi Claase or Roan Ash one day should she get the opportunity. If you ask her about her style of music, she replies: “I have a strong mezzo-soprano voice and my own style that consists of several genres.”

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