Bass Guitar Course
Bass Guitar Course

COPA’s performance school comprises of 5 disciplines: Bass, Drums, Guitar, Keyboard and Vocals.

Students select one discipline which will be their specialization for the duration of study.

Where the timetable allows students will be allowed to study more than one instrument simultaneously at a Bridging Course level for an additional fee.

Traditionally, the bass performs two basic and vital functions within a band or group: it provides the rhythmic foundation as well as the harmonic foundation.


Campus of Performing Arts Bridging Course: Music Performance.



1 Year.

The entry course for Music Performance is a one-year bridging course.


Bridging Course Modules:

  • Aural (Ear Training)
  • Compose and Arrange Music
  • Keyboard Skills
  • Live Performance Workshop
  • Music Business
  • Music Culture
  • Music Theory
  • Practical Instrument: Bass Guitar | Drums | Guitar | Keyboard | Vocals
  • Stage Presence


Diploma in Music (SAQA ID: 96373)



3 Years.  



Year 1:

  • All about the Business
  • Applied Technical Studies
  • Academic Writing Skills
  • Create and Arrange Music
  • Ear Training
  • Ethics and Professionalism in the Music Industry in South Africa
  • Health and Safety
  • Live Performance Practice 1
  • Music Industry Overview
  • Music Theory
  • Professional Reading
  • Session Styles

Year 2:

  • Business Ethics
  • Creative Musicianship
  • Game Audio Design
  • Getting Industry Ready
  • Entrepreneurial Practice
  • Live Performance Practice 2
  • Music Industry Practical
  • Research Methods
  • Songwriting and Arrangement

Year 3:

  • Action Learning Plan
  • Developing a Business Plan
  • Music in a Digital World
  • Music Industry Practical
  • Professional Performance
  • Specialised Project
Possible career opportunities for bass players include, but are not limited to, 
  • Music Performer
  • Session Musician
  • Private Music Instructor
  • Retail Music Salesperson
  • Advanced Musical Technician

Some great, famous bassists include Jaco Pistorius, John Patitucci, and Victor Wooten.

Ready to Complete the Bass Guitar Audition?

Bridging Course:

1 Year 

Diploma in Music:

3 Years 



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